St. James takes prayer seriously and as a church we are committed to it because prayer not only expresses our trust in God but is a means whereby our trust can increase. We strive to bring petitions for ourselves and for others before God in faith that he does hear and respond because we know that our Lord delights in being trusted as we turn to him in an attitude of conscious dependence.

If you have a prayer of confession; intercession; praise; and/or thanksgiving we will lift it up to the Lord. Below is a prayer request submission form. When you submit a request it will be placed on the prayer list by first name only;  sent to prayer team as name and request; and clergy will be notified for their prayer support.  If you specify it will only be seen by the leader of our prayer ministry and clergy.

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All requests are automatically considered confidential by prayer leader; prayer team; and clergy unless you specify otherwise.

Parish Prayer List – Members:     Amanda,  Ashley,  August, Barbara/Fr Bob, Barbara/mom, Becky, Betsy, Betty, Bill, Billie, Bishop Stanton, Blaine/his family, Bob, Bobby, Bill/family, Bubba/Carissa, Buckley family, Cheryl, Dan, Dan R, Daryl,Derrick, Devin, Dianne, Dick, Dillon/Beth, Don, Donna/Halstead family,  Ed, Emily, Fox family, Frankie, George/Marilyn, Greg, Gus, Hair family,  Hatfield family,  Henry,  Iris, Janet, Janice, Jeff/family,  Jill, Joel,  John D, John H, Johnson family, Judith/Jerry,  Karen community family, Karin/family/friends, Kate, Kate N, Katina, Kelly D, Mackie/family, Mary Alice, Mary M, Mary W, Matt, Mattie, Meghan, Michelle, Mike F, Mike W, Mimi/Tony, Mitchell family, Mother Rebecca, Pittman family, Rebecca, Roger,  Ross,  SJ Search committee, Sharon, Shirley, Snyder family, Steve, Susan, Susie, Wendy/family, Zyion/Button family.

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