International Mission

Mission clearly has to do with the redemptive work of God and our participation in making it known and leading people into the experience of it. Mission lies at the very heart of the gospel, becasue it is intrinsic to who God is and his purposes in drawing people to himself, both in our neghborhoods right here at home, and to the very corners of the earth.

St. James is an active parish when it comes to mission and we are involved at all levels – locally, nationally and internationally.

Mission Uganda 2014

Members of St. James and other parishes will travel once again to Uganda to work amongst the Batwa people of southeastern Uganda near the Bwindi region this summer. The team may spend time in Kampala visiting the Chain Foundation (Vocational Training School for the Blind) and Sanyu Babies Home (the oldest orphanage in Uganda).

Please pray for our team and that God would be pleased to use us for his purposes and greater glory in Uganda. Please pray for our health and safety. Please pray that the recent protests in Uganda will not flare up again.